The EasyBus3®system is designed to remotely control slave devices via a proprietary powerline communication system (PowerLine Carrier PLC).

The slave devices are specially designed to meet the needs of building automation ventilation systems, such as fire dampers (Easy3-B24), smoke control dampers, VAV (Easy3-V) and smoke detectors.


Easy3-B230 | For fire dampers in 230V, available right now !!

Easy3-V | Variable Air Volume

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It is strongly recommended to always use the lowest channel number for the master module with a heavy load of Easy3-X modules.

What are the advantages of EasyBus3®?

  • Interactive 4” color touch screen
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Up to 128 devices on each subnet
  • Up to 1’000m in length per subnet
  • Integrated filter
  • Fixing on DIN rail or by screws
Configurable inputs and outputs
  • 8 universal digital inputs/outputs
  • 2 output relays
  • Configurable I/O functions
Up to 3 subnets on the same screen
  • Up to 384 devices in one installation
  • Installation up to 3’000m total network length
Advanced Communication
  • Up to 28’800 bps
  • 255 communication channels
  • Automatic adaptive modulation
  • 2 built-in Ethernet ports
  • Modbus RTU and TCP
  • BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP per gateway
  • Monitoring function with USB or SD card
Device groups
  • 2 groups on each network
  • Grouping by priority or function
  • Group control/monitoring with digital I/O
  • Bluetooth connectivity for maintenance and testing
  • Color LEDs for visual monitoring
  • Magnetic attachment for easy and flexible installation
  • Initial setup using an RFID tag


Available Easy3-H & Easy3-M Firmwares



Electrical wiring

EasyBus3® support

You can use it to raise requests, access documentation and consult EasyBus3® news.

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